Veterans Administration- Topeka


How does it work?

Every week during the growing season (May through October) we deliver a bag of freshly harvested produce to your work site. There are some choices of seasonal items (say, between carrots and beets, or between summer squash and cucumbers) and other items that every member will receive.  All the produce is washed and bunched. We thank you in advance for bringing your own reusable bag or box to carry your produce in each week.

Subscribers pay an $81 deposit to secure their share for the season. The deposit covers some of our administrative expenses, and the rest is credited to you and will pay for the last three bags of the season. Monthly payments will depend on the number of weeks in a month. For instance, a four week month will be $19 x 4 = $76 and a five week month will be $19 x 5 = $95. You may also pay for the entire season in advance: 23/26 Vegetable Bags + deposit (last 3 bags and administrative fee) = $514 Full Season.


Location: Veterans Administration- Gazebo in front of Building 24, on the west side of A Road

Season Length: First week of May to the last week in October

Day and Time: Wednesdays from 3:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Site Coordinator:


What about vacations? Can I share a membership?

Members can cancel a bag twice per season without paying for those bags, provided they give 3 days advance notice for their vacation days. If you must miss more than that, we suggest you have a friend or family member pick up your bag. If you forget to come and pick up your produce, we will try to donate your share to a local charity. We must still charge you for the produce we bring for you.

Yes, you can share a subscription. You will have to coordinate distribution and payment with your partner. Payment will be due in full on the first pickup of each month.


What if I can’t make it during normal pick-up hours?

The pick-up ends at 3:30. If you can’t make it by 3:30, your bag will be left at the security desk in Building B. We recommend if you join and you regularly won’t be able to pick up your bag that you have a co-worker pick up your bag for you on the days you won’t be there.


What if I want to make a special order?

Email your site coordinator at least 3 days in advance. The price of your special order will be added to your regular monthly bill.


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