How it works

Every week we deliver fresh produce for you at one of four sites.  You choose which site is most convenient for you.  You get 6-8 produce items, most of which are choices (say, between carrots and beets, or between zucchini and cucumbers).  All the produce is cleaned and bunched, and ready to bag.  The main season goes from May – October.

At the Merc Monday site we offer extended seasons:
Early season starting 1st week of April
Late season  November and December
Winter season January through March (Limited selection – twice a month) 

The economy bag (available on Thursdays at the Community Merc only) usually includes 5-7 items, some of them in smaller portions.

All sites subscribers pay an initial $25 admin deposit.
Subscribers then pay $25 per week for the regular bag (or $18 for the economy bag at Merc Thursday pick up only).
Payment is due the first week of each month.

What if I go on vacation?
Contact your site coordinator at least 3 days in advance.  We won’t bring your produce and you won’t be charged for that week. You can also choose to gift your produce to a friend.

Do I have to pay if I forget?
If you do not let us know ahead of time we will go ahead and prepare your share.  We’ll try to donate the produce to a charitable organization if you don’t pick it up, but remembering to pick it up is your responsibility, and we will have to charge you for missed weeks.

What if I want to make a Special Order?
Email your site coordinator at least 3 days in advance.  The price of the special order will be added to your regular monthly bill.

What if I want to pay for an entire season up front?
Contact your site coordinator and they will tell you the amount you need to pay.