How it works

Main Season
Every week, starting in May, we deliver a bag of fresh produce for you at one of five drop off sites. You choose which site is most convenient for you. Typically, a regular bag includes 6-8 produce items, a few of which offer you a choice (say, between carrots and beets, or between zucchini and cucumbers). The economy bag (available in Lawrence only) usually includes 5-7 items, some of them in smaller portions. All the produce is cleaned and bunched, and ready to bag.

At the Merc and Topeka sites we also offer:

Early season starting 1st week of April

Late season  November and December

Winter season January through March (Limited selection – twice a month) 


Returning members have priority in reserving spots until February 1, at which point we take all subscribers until our sites are full.  Subscribers pay  an $81 deposit.  The deposit  covers your last 3 bags and a small administrative fee.

Subscribers then pay $20 per week for the regular bag or $16 per week for the economy bag through the rest of the season (minus your last 3 bags paid for by your deposit.)

At the beginning of each month you pay what you owe from the previous month at $20 bag. (or $16 for the economy bag at LMH pick up only)

What if I go on vacation?

No problem. Just call your site coordinator 3 days in advance. Members can cancel twice per season; if you must be gone longer, we suggest that you have a friend pick up your bag for you.

Do I have to pay if I forget?

If you do not let us know ahead of time we will go ahead and prepare the bag. We’ll try to donate the produce to a charitable organization if you don’t pick it up, but remembering to pick it up is your responsibility, and we will have to charge you for missed bags.

What if I can’t make it during normal pick up hours?

At the Merc location only you can pick up a bag until the store closes. (normally 10pm)  The site coordinator will not be available and you will not get make choices as your bag will be pre-made.  Your bag will be at the information desk.

What if I want to make a Special Order?

Email your site coordinator at least 3 days in advance.  The price of the special order will be added to your regular monthly bill.

What if I want to pay for an entire season up front?

Contact your site coordinator and they will tell you the amount you need to pay.